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The Father

Absent Father Pregnancies

Unfortunately some pregnancies have women going through them alone. Absent father pregnancies are now more common and it is just sad. Men should want to be around the women that they got pregnant, especially if it is their first child. Imagine getting pregnant and the father is not around to comfort you, discuss baby names, and feel your belly the first time the baby kicks. Unplanned pregnancies can disrupt life, but it is all about the choice you make on whether or not you wish to be there for it.

Now some studies have linked the issue of a woman whose childhood was fatherless to the fact that she grows up and has children without ties with the father of her own child. Girls who grow up in a home without a father are said to start having sex at an earlier age and are more promiscuous as they mature into women. It is a possibility that women look for the “father” love with men and then once pregnant the men leave. It is a never ending cycle. It also could be that the women leave first because they are afraid the men are going to leave and they do not want to be hurt.

Pregnancies that continue on without a father figure can work. It does become hard on the mom to care for a child alone and then confront her past when the child asks where his or her father is. It is not always a choice of the pregnant woman to go through her pregnancy alone, although sometimes it is. The mother to be may want to raise her child alone. The father, once he found out he was going to be one, may have decided to run because he could not handle it. He may also have had other children and felt obligations to those who were already born. Whatever the reason it is just not right. A child deserves to have both parents around to help raise him.

Extended families can also work too. A single mom can meet a man who becomes the perfect father figure for her child. This can happen while she is pregnant or afterwards. Do be advised that you may have to go through your pregnancy alone and you can do it. Surround yourself with other single moms that have been through your situation. Your family is important too. They will help you get through this time. Do not give up on the father. He may come around after the baby is born and any resentment that you have towards him should not be shown. If he is willing to try to be a part of his child's life, then you owe that to the baby that you both made.